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March 13 - The Suffolk County Legislature recently diverted $33 million of taxpayer money from the drinking water protection program to plug a hole in the budget despite the fact that 84% of us voted for a 0.25% sales tax specifically to fund the water program. But that’s not the last word! Want to help force our elected officials to restore the funds to pay for land preservation, sewer taxes and groundwater remediation? Stop by the L.I. Pine Barrens Society office at 547 E. Main Street in Riverhead during business hours to sign the petition or call them at 369-3300 to find when canvassers will be near you. And tell them the RNPC sent you.

January 15 – RNPC website is updated with new EPCAL and JOIN tabs, updated (Project) Initiatives and Save Wading River content.

January 7 –  Riverhead Town is poised to grant a land clearing permit for the Knightland mall project on the heels of a NYS Appeals Court decision that the RNPC lacks legal standing to pursue a case against the Town’s approval of that project. Despite the RNPC’s best efforts and recent case law, which supports our legal standing, the courts threw the case out a second time without ever considering the merits of the lawsuit brought on behalf of the community—and made possible by donations from it. Despite this setback, the RNPC will continue to monitor this and other development projects in the area and advocate for the public’s interest.

Open spaces, quiet hamlets, family farms and leafy neighborhoods are North Fork treasures we cannot afford to take for granted. Riverhead’s rural character and quality of life are being eroded by the spread of excessive development and uses into places where they don’t belong. We believe we can and must protect these precious commodities before they are lost forever.

Our best defense is an engaged and educated public that cares. Please read, think, learn and act!!

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