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November 18 - The RNPC stands with the residents opposing the over-commercialization of this area. Read this enlightening opinion piece “Don’t rubber-stamp terminal expansion in Northville” to understand more… United Riverhead Terminal, Inc. seeks to expand its sleepy, nonconforming operation as a home heating oil depot into an active gasoline and ethanol storage, mixing and distribution center. To learn what you can do to help, visit our Take Action page.   
November 5 - 
Victory for H2O Quality: Prop 5 passes as 2/3 of voters said yes on this past Election Day to restoring the money that our County Legislators raided from the Drinking Water Protection Program
July 23 -
Great news. The court has rejected a Smithtown developer's attack on Riverhead zoning—which should save this and several other parcels from excessive development and end false claims that Riverhead’s master plan was fatally flawed. It took a number of us from the civic and environmental communities to expose the many reasons settling the Calverton Manor lawsuit would have been devastating for Riverhead. In the end, there wasn't enough will on the Town Board to proceed with the settlement and now the Town (and the community) has won. Read this RiverheadLocal article for the details.

Open spaces, quiet hamlets, family farms and leafy neighborhoods are North Fork treasures we cannot afford to take for granted. Riverhead’s rural character and quality of life are being eroded by the spread of excessive development and uses into places where they don’t belong. We believe we can and must protect these precious commodities before they are lost forever.

Our best defense is an engaged and educated public that cares. Please read, think, learn and act!!

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